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Welcome to the Hickory Grove High School Chapter! We’re glad you checked it out! Known around the school as “The Apologetics Club,” its purpose is to train students how to defend their faith. We are honored to be the first high school in the country to be offered membership with the Ratio Christi group, and we will try to uphold the name of Christ with our actions.

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Feb 17

February 25: One United Day of Prayer for Colleges by Christians in America!

Nov 2

Introducing Our First Group of Outstanding RC College Preppers!

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Second Wednesday During Lunch Basement Mrs. Scribner's room

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Love is Love: Or Is It

Almost 70 students attended a lunch session on Wed, February 9, Where Adam Tucker,…

Can Christianity Answer Evil?

Almost 100 students listened to Queens University Ratio Christi leader, Matt Schmidt, answer the…

Welcome to Hickory Grove's Ratio Christi Chapter!

2012 we launched the Ratio Christi High School Apologetics Club at Hickory Grove Christian…

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